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Fuel for Louis Vuitton Outlet Sale open fire archive My house has an open fire, but i've never used it.As sheffield is a smoke free zone, what do i use instead?Where can i buy fuel in a small quantity to try it out?You might want to get someone to check the updraught before you light a fire.Any reputable builder will be able to do it, or find a chimney sweep in yellow pages.As for fuel, you can buy quite a few different smokeless fuels.If you light a fire without getting your flue checked over by a fully qualified professional, people could die and your house could burn down, simple as that!What about Louis Vuitton Bags UK those"Smoke bombs" (Oh dear mi5 will be on my trail now! )That you can buy to see if the flue/chimney is working?A builder did put a smoke bomb up it a couple of years ago and said it was fine.In which case, pop to wesley nicholls.They will sell you a single 25 kilo bag for about 8.Enough for about six fires and much cheaper than the petrol stations.They also deliver.

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