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Girlie designer betsey johnson is more Buy Louis Vuitton hands Coffee.It not coffee.It bubbly.And designer betsey johnson says she prefers it out of the mug.Way, she says, one knows what i drinking.It the lift from the bubbles, or the vitaminwater zero she stocks up on, but the 68yearold is working harder than she ever has in her 32year career. Johnson is currently wearing her signature tutus as well as many hats:Designer, production manager, creative director, cleaning staff and archival expert, to name just a few.And with the recent departure of her design director, she doing that job, too.Add mom to this list, as well as grandma she spends an hour a morning in her daughter apartment sipping real coffee and hanging out with her two granddaughters and head of the pink ladies(That what she calls her employees), and you begin to understand Johnson world. Work it been nonstop, she says, sipping more happy juice.Feel like the baker at a bake shop where people have to take a number and wait in line.If it not about a button here it about this there or that there.Now it juggling designing details, completing the fall 2011 collection, finetuning spring 2011, and conceiving and planning and doing the [upcoming] fashion show.Also planning her family reunion(30 people in the Hamptons), catching up on her television(She hooked on showtime big c managing the details of her recent collaboration with tweezerman, and dealing with the licensees who handle footwear and handbags. Try and sneak in [a] hair color and hair wash, she says, noting that in a few days andrew from antenna hair salon will arrive from london with a suitcase full of hair extensions to attach to her head.He been in charge of her signature for the past 15 years, and she been loyal to the british salon since the have to sit in my house for like 12 hours.It very tiring.And when i get my hair done, i have to sit still.I have to bring him in or i just go to london, but lately i just end up bringing him here because it too busy.Office is a willy wonkalike escape in the garment district packed tight with dresses in whimsical prints like crawly insects and neon fish.The walls are painted hot pink and bright yellow, and even a onceunglamorous footstool got a makeover from a new intern, complete with neon pink accents and lace detailing. Johnson says the offices are an Louis Vuitton Handbags extension of both her world and her brand, something she determined to take back to its roots. Just really trying to establish a new core of what our company is, johnson explains.I was early in the stage of girly bias dresses.Now it all happening and so quickly, so neatly, so online.So knockoff.And i realized that we have to stand for something very unique that you cannot get at h so i really jumped back Louis Vuitton Outlet UK in and i doing pure me.Well, different [at] different times. Her pieces, she adds, are her favorites, but johnson has few of them to use either as patterns or inspiration they were sold in $10 bins at sample sales in new york and la when times were tough. Employees spend hours trawling ebay looking for key items.Sometimes they score big, other times they ask loyal customers to lend them some of their older pieces in exchange for a gift certificate to the boutique. It sounds exhausting, but johnson loves it all.And by end day she still ready to throw on her sequin blazer and go to caf boulud or la grenouille(Two of her favorite restaurants)For dinner.Solo. Feels like i on vacation, says johnson.Atmosphere, the flowers, the lighting.I a real loner and unless i have a person i really want to go out with, i usually Louis Vuitton Luggage don do dinners.I don do food with people just to have company.Ever.At all.I just a smalltown connecticut girl spinning around in her own world.Twitter follow button >

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