Pandora Spacers Beads play a song and everyone

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My (more here) best friend's wedding My click here to see more info best friend's wedding And turk decide to unravel a pact they made years ago;The first purchase two to get married has to caddy naked for the other one in a game of tennis ball golf, so celebrate the last time they are together single.Turk is still at a healthcare facility since he decides to work on the day of their marriage so he can get an extra two days on their honeymoon.Doctor.Cox is re-Entering the wedding and is ready to go, but jordan convinces him to sleep from the ceremony and show up at the reception and just pretend they were at the actual ceremony.While in store for it to start, she makes out with doug and ted who get in a spat over who she likes more. Turk is managing the last operation of the day, being the actual appendectomy, but there is an issue with the operation and he is forced to finish of the operation, causing him to have to warn carla he may be late for wedding.Takes the time to convince sean to restore, but he doesn't give an absolute answer.Turk is finally allowed to leave the operating room and runs to the special, but nonetheless he is too late because he showed up to the wrong church.Cherished was canceled as the church was needed for another service.Cox turns up to the reception after missing the non occurring ceremony and comments on how nice wedding ceremony was, not knowing that their was no wedding after all.Turk then convinces the wedding ring, the nugatory peons to Pandora Spacers Beads play a song and everyone starts to cheer up;Sean and deal with their issues, doctor.Cox apologies to carla and provides them with advice that"How and when you get married makes no difference, and carla forgives turk for being released late.And janitor take a missing dr.Carry an subconscious kelso out to the dumpster.

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