Pandora Glass Beads can eat in a week

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Mysore defence lab 'currys' forward the good work Mysore defence lab 'currys' forward the good work Soldiers and paramilitary troops deployed at forward positions in tremendous mountain terrains of jammu and kashmir and in naxal infested forests of chhattisgarh will now get to savour a new meal every day. Mysore based defence food research research you(Dfrl)Which has tried developing food products for the armed and paramilitary forces will dish out a new menu everyday of the week to cater to the palate of the jawans. Are in grime developing seven different meals ready to eat(Mre)For soldiers and paramilitary troops you Pandora Glass Beads can eat in a week.Some new foods have been developed and a few are in the pipeline which are awaiting trials, thought dr as bawa, home, dfrl. One mre holds rice, chapatis, vegetables/non meditate curry, pleasant and tea. Idea is to break the monotony and serve them differing food seven days a week, described bawa. Dfrl, which has been often supplying food products for the armed forces, is now a major company to paramilitary forces, specially the crpf, which has been active in anti naxal procedures. Requirement from the paramilitary force is in addition to that of the defence forces as the former is currently involved in more combat operations than the latter.Which entails 60, 000 mres have been supplied to crpf so far and we have orders to make 8, 000 a lot of, had identified bawa. Consequently the mres and ration supplied to the armed and paramilitary forces, dfrl is also dishing out anti depressant bars for jawans so one of these do not experience any mental depression borne out of the daily monotony in the line of duty (free next day in-store delivery.) while serving at forward locations.

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